Shams & Nasreen Scholarship Award Ceremony

The ‘Shams and Nasreen Scholarship Award’ ceremony was held in honor of Khawja Shamsuddin and Nasreen Shamsuddin, integral members of Spreeha who have been actively taking part in the building of communities and people’s lives with the spirit of volunteerism and relentless love of people.


The yearly scholarship program is awarded to promote academic excellence of students as part of the Journey of Hope project implemented in partnership with Spreeha (USA). The awardees included Afsana Akhter, Afroza Akhter, Bijoya Dhar Shampa, Mohammed Aminul Islam, Mohammed Limon Ali, Shabnaz Akter and Bibi Fatema.


Hackathon for Environmental Migrants!

Spreeha supported the “Hackathon for Environmental Migrants” in partnership with Wageningen University & Research encouraging collaborative efforts in combating natural disasters.

Bringing in capable young minds from various institutions including University of DhakaNorth South UniversityBUETUnited International University and others, the day long competition engaged participants in creating technology that would save the lives of millions of climate change refugees.

Artful goes to Zanala Bangladesh!

Artful, Spreeha’s wellness program, visits ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. for a corporate training session to enhance employee motivation through the beauty of art!

The intensive Workshop by Artful engaged Zanala employees in different creative exercises to help them reflect on self-definition, inner emotions and seek out the positive perspective on life. The ending came with smiles as each participant walked out more enlightened on the importance of communicating with oneself!

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Art with a cause!

Our executives took part in an extensive workshop designed by Artful, Spreeha’s mental wellness program which uses art as a means of relief and expression. Promoting positive and healthy living, Artful’s innovative activities cater to young individuals and are designed to uplift and inspire them to reach the best of their potential.

The participants were able to channel their emotions through their creations and left the workshop much inspired.

Championing Change: Celebrating Leadership and Motherhood

With one of our prime areas of focus being female empowerment, Spreeha Bangladesh brought together powerful leaders and mothers who break gender stereotypes with their everyday successes to celebrate motherhood on 13th May. 2017 at the University of Dhaka .

Panelists engaging in the discussion on the need to break stereotypes related to motherhood

With the objective of initiating a dialogue to understand the challenges faced by working mothers, the event brought in women who are front runners of their industries. The highlight of the event was the panel discussion which saw an engaging discourse motivating young individuals to adopt change and educating on the necessity of redefining gender roles.

Rizwana Hasan, environmental attorney and Chief Executive, BELA speaks on her views of motherhood

The panelists included Rizwana Hasan, leading environmental attorney and Chief Executive, BELA; Shwapna Bhowmick, Country Manager, Marks&Spencer; Rafiath Rashid Mithila, actress, singer and Head of Early Childhood Development and Girls’ Education, BRAC International and Nobonita Chowdhury, Editor, DBC News and Anchor, ‘Rajkahon- Nobonita Chowdhuryr shathe’.

Rafiath Rashid Mithila, Head of Early Childhood Development and Girls’ Education, BRAC International discusses the many challenges working mothers have to overcome



International Women’s Day 2017

This International Women’s Day, Spreeha Bangladesh celebrated with Women in Digital, a social enterprise working towards the development of women in the IT sector. For the occasion, both organizations came together to host an art competition for the students from Spreeha and Women in Digital.

Also part of the event was the Lifetime Achievement award ceremony of Zeenat Walid, the first Bangladeshi female artist to have a solo exhibition in 1973, organized by Women in Digital.

Spreeha screens ‘Threads’

On 10th February, 2017 Spreeha Bangladesh successfully screened the world premiere (Bangla version) of Kantha Productions LLC’s Threads: The Art and Life of Surayia Rahman.  ‘Threads’ is the inspiring story of Surayia Rahman, the self-trained artist respected worldwide for not only her works of embroidered art but also her role in leading hundreds of underprivileged women to better futures for themselves and their families.

Director, Cathy Stevulak and Producer, Leonard Hill with artisans from Arshi engaging with the audience

The documentary  directed by Canadian filmmaker, Cathy Stevulak showcased how Surayia’s passion for her art, nakshi kantha helped build a life of dignity, self-sufficiency and independence for herself and the hundreds of women who trained under her.

Director, Cathy Stevulak in the question and answer session

She set up the organization, Arshi, as an establishment to preserve the art of nakshi kantha from commercialization while also employing hundreds of artisans.

A student of Spreeha’s Progga club asking about the direction of the film

Students of Spreeha’s adolescent girls’ project, Progga enthusiastically attended the event along with many external guests.