Microsoft Alumni Network features Tazin Shadid, founder and CEO of Spreeha Bangladesh

“I can see the direct impact Spreeha is having in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Every time I get to interact with people Spreeha works with and hear their stories, I thank Spreeha for this amazing opportunity to serve people.” says Tazin Shadid, Spreeha Bangladesh’s founder and CEO in his interview with Microsoft Alumni Network – Official.

Read further to know about his incredible journey of founding an organization that currently caters to over 1,25,000 people at:

Global Washington features Spreeha and Extend the Day

“Aid efforts in the makeshift camps have been tightly controlled, but organizations like Spreeha and Extend The Day are determined to make a long-lasting impact on a population that has often been described as the “world’s most unwanted people.”

We thank Global Washington for featuring our work with the Rohingya community in their monthly newsletter! Link to the news article: