What we do

Spreeha Bangladesh inspires change by empowering people. With use of creative solutions, we enable individuals and communities to rise above social barriers. Spreeha envisions a world where people and communities are empowered to achieve their full potential.

The Million Smiles Dream

We provide for individuals and communities using innovation and creativity. Spreeha aspires to bring change to a million lives by 2020!

Our impact

As of January 1st 2020, Spreeha has empowered 2,40,006 lives: 146,589 people received healthcare; 7,100 children were educated; 5,996 youth got trained; and 80,321 individuals received counselling. Now we want to inspire a million lives by 2025. Join us in our journey of inspiring millions!

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Safe Motherhood Day

A woman goes through endless sacrifices for bringing her child from the womb to her lap. To make this journey safe and sound every year Safe Motherhood Day is observed. Spreeha Bangladesh celebrates Safe Motherhood Day this year with an awareness workshop discussing different issues about pregnancy. Our very own, Dr. Nadira Sharmin takes the session explaining …

Microsoft Alumni Network features Tazin Shadid, founder and CEO of Spreeha Bangladesh

“I can see the direct impact Spreeha is having in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Every time I get to interact with people Spreeha works with and hear their stories, I thank Spreeha for this amazing opportunity to serve people.” says Tazin Shadid, Spreeha Bangladesh’s founder and CEO in his interview with Microsoft …

Learning the art of Digital Marketing

Spreeha organizes a day long workshop on the art of Digital Marketing with expert trainer, Shahriar Amin. The workshop was organized to teach the participants different concepts of digital marketing needed for understanding the rapidly growing marketing platform. Members from Spreeha Bangladesh ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.Sajida Foundation and Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation participated in the workshop.

Million Smiles Club

Spreeha believes in partnership and collaboration to make effective change in communities. Join the Million Smiles Club and embark on the journey to inspire a million lives.
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