Kusholi: Skills Training for Young People

Due to lack in employable skills in youth and fewer scopes of decent jobs for them, Bangladesh is struggling to grow into an economic power house despite having a demographic dividend. According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey 2015/16, the youth unemployment rate stands at a staggering 8.7% whereas the national unemployment rate is 4.2%. Investment on education, job-oriented skills training and the creation of jobs is needed to mitigate the gap.

In alignment with SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Kusholi, the skillful, project focuses on equipping individuals with the skill sets necessary for the competitive job market. It not only benefits the unemployed workers in need of skills but also helps make those already continuing to the economy more efficient, able and productive.

Under the project Spreeha has in-house computer training center and tailoring training center where young individuals can avail training at discounted or free of cost. Spreeha also connects individuals with partner training organizations and provides technical scholarships on other employable skills trainings.

The project is funded by Spreeha Foundation (USA).