Adolescent Girls’ Club

Girls are more likely to be enrolled in primary and secondary schools than boys – but boys remain more likely to complete secondary schools than girls. Priorities on girls’ reproductive role push them towards early marriages with less or no access to healthcare, education, and skills training for their future endeavor. Preference for early childbearing, increased occurrence of domestic violence, sexual harassment and assault, restriction on girls’ voices and agency, leave adolescent girls unheard, exploited, and tortured.

Spreeha’s Community Adolescent Girls’ Club creates a safe space within the community where girls can relieve their stresses and can navigate through the burdens put on them by society. Using an interactive and participatory approach, club facilitators educate girls on their rights and duties, health and hygiene, life skills and direct them towards fighting stigmas through empowering them with the right tool and mentoring.

The project is funded by Spreeha Foundation (USA) in Dhaka and Meherpur.