Segment: Education

Adolescent Girls’ Club

Girls are more likely to be enrolled in primary and secondary schools than boys – but boys remain more likely to complete secondary schools than girls. Priorities on girls’ reproductive role push them towards early marriages with less or no access to healthcare, education, and skills training for their future endeavor. Preference for early childbearing, …

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Progga: Empowering Adolescents

Navigating through the turbulent years of adolescence leaves countless boys and girls feeling confused, alienated and powerless. There are millions of adolescents in Bangladesh who go through the developmental changes without the proper care and guidance thus becoming more inclined to lower levels of performance at school, drop out, frustrations, increased risk of physical and …

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Duronto: Education for Children

Starting from the first few years of life to adolescence, a child goes through their cognitive, behavioral, physical and emotional development. The importance of a healthy, encouraging and child-friendly environment during this developmental phase is often ignored by the parents and the communities due to having limited knowledge and awareness. The situation is exceptionally challenging …

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