Sneho Mobile Health

Bangladesh struggles with the shortage and geographic mal-distribution of healthcare professionals. The country has only 6.73 registered physicians for every 10,000 citizens. This gives rise to the issue of unequal access to care in remote areas. Moreover, COVID-19 pandemic has pointed towards the need for integrating technology with community-led healthcare in remote areas for home bound, vulnerable, and marginalized patients can address the “urgent” healthcare needs and act as an imperative service.

Spreeha brings in a community-led health-tech solution connecting individuals, families and communities with expert physicians using digital mediums that ensures ‘urgent’ healthcare services in remote, rural & urban areas of Bangladesh for homebound, vulnerable and marginalized patients.

In alignment with Government’s Community Health Worker (CHW) model, the solution focuses on equipping a health worker recruited from the community with digital technology to connect patients with doctors. The community health worker acts as a primary caregiver in connecting patients with the doctor, taking preliminary history and conducting basic screening (Weight measurement, BP measurement, glucose level check etc.), making patients understand the e-prescription provided by the doctor and following up with the patients after treatment.