Luna: Making Menstruation Safer & Comfortable

The right to menstrual health and hygiene may seem universal and basic need for women and girls but this is not the case for millions of women and girls in Bangladesh. Menstruation is still considered as a hush hush and shameful matter in many parts of the country due to the stigma around it. “Period Poverty” poses huge health and livelihood risk on women and girls. It specially places enormous burden on underserved

women and girls who are unable to afford menstrual hygiene products, have limited private and safe space for safer menstrual hygiene practice, and have to deal with menstrual taboos on a frequent basis.

Addressing the need for ending period poverty in women and girls and making menstruation safer and comfortable for them, Spreeha brings in Luna as a solution which offers support to avail menstrual hygiene products, provides necessary information and awareness on menstrual health and hygiene and gives access to the right tool to fight stigmas around it.

In 2022, the project is funded by Confidence Group aiming at empowering 3,250 adolescent girls to end period poverty.