Drishti: For a Clearer Tomorrow

Cataracts develop due to age or injury, which can cause changes in the tissue of the eye lens. Left untreated, cataracts can cause blindness and require vision correction. Nearly 1.53% of the population in Bangladesh suffers from blindness where 73.4% of the patients are affected by cataracts. It may not lead patients to the brink of death, but can cause significant disruption in one’s life. The negative impact of vision impairment affects the quality of life, general health, and social status. Early identification of cataract can reduce the negative impact significantly and most of the time cataract surgery gives the patient a life altering experience.

Addressing the expensive nature of treatment and the need for cataract surgery in rural areas, Spreeha offers primary community screening of cataract diseases, pre-operative care, cataract surgery, post-operative care free of cost, in partnership with specialized eye hospitals and ophthalmologists.

In 2022, the project is funded by JECO Foundation (Canada) for providing 220 patients with cataract treatment in Faridpur district, in partnership with Anwara-Hamida Eye Hospital.