Journey of Hope: Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Due to rapid urbanization and frequent migration to urban areas in search of livelihood, inter-generational poverty has existed for years in the urban slums. Scarcity of quality and affordable healthcare, education, and skills training services for slum population and their lack of awareness of avail the mentioned services often perpetuate them to live in a never-ending cycle of poverty.

Spreeha’s Journey of Hope project aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing healthcare, education, and skill training to underserved people. The project has been running in Rayerbazar slum Dhaka since 2013. Using a community centered and community led approach, the project focuses on the following:

Healthcare: Maternal and child health, adolescent health, general medical condition, community nutrition status, immunization and vaccination, safe medication and diagnostic facilities.

Education: Preschool, afterschool, adolescent girls’ club, and scholarships.

Awareness: Daily awareness activities, monthly community meetings and events on increasing awareness on health, education, and skills training.

The project is funded by Spreeha Foundation (USA).