Segment: Humanitarian Response

Protyasha: Food & Nutrition Supply for Underprivileged Community

In Bangladesh, more than half the population suffers from different types of malnutrition, micronutrients deficiencies, and energy deficiencies. Given the current context of Covid-19 pandemic, another dimension to the already existing nutritional crisis has been added. With people losing jobs nationwide, the impact is hitting people the hardest, who already are a victim to food …

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Aalo: Emergency Disaster Response

Alo, meaning ‘light’ in English, is Spreeha’s emergency disaster response program that helps rebuild the lives of the people and communities affected by disasters through the provision of healthcare, education, relief materials, and counselling. As of 2022, 8 emergency disaster projects have been implemented under Spreeha’s Aalo program covering Rohingya refugee influx in 2017, Covid-19 …

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