Udoy: Empowering Factory Workers

Udoy Centers are a unique solution for working parents as well as organizations of various industries. The centers play the dual roles of a day care and early child development center while also providing access to information for mothers thus helping employees put in more hours, reducing the need for longer periods of leave and overall contributing to a more productive workforce.

Through our innovative solution catered towards the betterment of a child and the mother, a worker is able to work while ensuring her child’s early development and care is provided in a healthy environment.

Problem Worth Solving
With focus on the largest industry of Bangladesh, 85% of workers in the front lines of manufacturing are women put under pressure to meet deadlines every day. With 8 to 10 hours of work needed daily, working mothers are not well facilitated in the workplace leading to reduced productivity and inefficiency. Early child care is one of the leading causes for young mothers to leave work and/or take fewer shifts to tend to their children at home. This often leads to inconsistency in the job roles and a loss of time in training a new employee. Often women who cannot afford to leave jobs, end up leaving their children at home in unhealthy environments without proper childcare. Thus, the development of the child, both cognitively and physically, is not ensured.

The availability of facilities which cater to both child care and early child development are scarce if not unavailable, thus forcing mothers to either leave work or leave their children without proper assistance.

Udoy as the Solution
Udoy is a holistic solution designed to ensure working mothers in the RMG sector receive the assistance and awareness of child care while working in the factory. Udoy’s approach to the problem is unique as it brings in the components of an early child development center and a daycare. With prime focus on the child, Udoy also caters to the mother via monthly discussions stressing on maternal care and well-being.

With the three spheres, effective development of the children is ensured leading to a more educated workforce for the future while also increasing the efficiency of working parents and hence companies in employment.