Progga: Empowering Adolescents

Progga is a creative leadership program empowering adolescent girls with essential life skills that bring forth their leadership qualities from within. Through the club, girls engage with activities promoting self-definition, confidence and thus enabling them to transform societies as active participants.

Problem Worth Solving
Navigating through the turbulent years of adolescence leaves countless girls feeling confused, alienated and powerless. There are 13.7 million adolescent girls in Bangladesh who go through these developmental changes without the proper care and guidance. They become more inclined to lower levels of performance at school, drop out, frustrations, increased risk of physical and mental abuse, and eventually lower chances of representation in leadership roles at institutions/organizations.

Our Solution
Using a girl-centered, participatory and interactive approach, Progga inspires girls to become leaders. They are equipped to make the right decisions to improve their socio-economic circumstances, health and well-being through guidance and knowledge on developmental changes during adolescence, and life skills to make smarter decisions in society.

Progga clubs ensure they have increased access to the right mentoring, information and opportunities. Through working in groups, brainstorming, role-playing, story-telling, debating and participating in discussions, girls learn negotiation, public speaking, and leadership skills, thus increasing their self-confidence and improving decision making power.