Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation envisions using a collaborative approach in creating a private and public partnership model to inspire people & communities. To further its mission, Spreeha builds effective partnerships with corporations, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and individuals.

Benefits of a partnership with Spreeha Bangladesh
– Impact and empower communities
Through a partnership with Spreeha Bangladesh, all invested resources will be contributed to inspiring individuals and helping them be empowered to reach their full potential.

– Improve your brand’s image with Spreeha Bangladesh
An affiliation with Spreeha Bangladesh’s projects will help your brand portray positive social responsibility. This will not only improve your overall corporate image but also help you build the trust of your consumers

– Increase the coverage your brand enjoys
A CSR program with us can help you enjoy increased positive coverage on various media outlets. This will enhance promotion of the work you are doing for the community and shed positive light on your company.

– Boost employee engagement
Employees like to work with a company that has a good public image and engages in effective corporate social responsibilities. The awareness that their company gives back to the community increases efficiency and loyalty as well.

– Attract and retain investors
Investors are more likely to be attracted to and continue to support companies that demonstrate a commitment to causes and organizations that impact the lives of others.

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