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Bangladesh suffers from both a shortage and geographic mal-distribution of healthcare professionals with an estimated 6.33 physicians per 10,000 population. In the face of emerging health challenges, the growing health sector is lagging behind particularly in the area of rural healthcare delivery. Issues like difficult transportation, lack of access to adequate healthcare professionals leads to such poor condition. Considering this, access to primary healthcare in such areas indeed is a matter of great concern – increasing the need for alternatives in care in rural settings.


Addressing this need, Sneho Mobile Health act as a key solution to improve access to primary healthcare particularly for underserved patients from remote areas who have no means to access specialized care. With the help of information and communication technologies (ICTs), physicians treat distant patients without having to travel there physically. Led by a team of professional doctors, patients are able to access doctor consultation anytime from the comfort of their location. As a result, higher number of patients are reached with the same amount of resources while improving the outcome as a whole.


  • Online consultancy
  • Primary healthcare
  • Maternal & child care
  • Specialized care (Skin & VD, Eye, Medicine)
  • Essential drug supply

The impact of this initiative is two-fold: It not only provides medical access to patients in remote areas, but also contributes to improving efficiency in delivery of health advices – which is instrumental to health-related decision making. Through such a multidisciplinary-care approach, Sneho Mobile Health thus bridging the gap between health need and access to care for communities living in limited-resource settings.



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Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation is a Bangladesh based non-profit established in 2012, and was registered under the Trust Act II of 1882, in 2014. It is also registered under NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. 2957) in 2015 for receiving foreign donations and grants.


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