Fight Corona Virus: Make Healthcare Service Provider Safe


There are more than 80 thousand registered doctors, nurses in Bangladesh who are critical contributors to the entire national health security. With the ongoing pandemic, their clinical duties in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak undeniably plays the most important role at the moment. Just like the rest of the world, our healthcare professionals are also directly involved in treating suspected and confirmed cases while fighting against all odds from the frontline. However, even after several months into the pandemic when it comes to the question of their personal protection against the virus, the answer is anything but satisfactory. With hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases, Bangladesh is witnessing an increasing shortage of personal protective equipment along with surgical gloves and N-95 masks every single day. As a result, they are getting more exposed to the virus – in turn becoming more prone to get infected instead of saving more lives. In addition to that, the health facilities here are also exceeding their critical care bed capacity and facing shortfalls in ventilators too. This makes it even more difficult for patients with respiratory complications to access the medical care in times of emergency. If this continues, despite intensive efforts, the entire healthcare system is bound to collapse in no time / will be on the verge of collapsing in no time.


Addressing this need, Spreeha has initiated a project “Fight Corona Virus“ that aims to reduce the gap between demand and supply of protective equipment for the healthcare workers who are fighting COVID-19 from the frontline. It also addresses the need to reduce the demand of life-saving ventilators for COVID patients.

Key actions taken as part of the project are,

  • · Provision of PPE and other protective equipment to healthcare professionals of selected hospitals in Dhaka who are fighting COVID-19 in the frontline so as to keep them safe and protected from the virus while identifying and treating the patients.
  • · Distribution of alcohol base hand sanitizers among healthcare professionals so as to reduce the risk of virus transmission from patients to healthcare providers and vice versa during patients’ treatments.
  • · Mobilize frontline COVID-19 hospitals with portable ventilator machines that would increase their capacity of treating critically ill patients and in reduce the overall mortality rate.

With support from Met Life, Spreeha Bangladesh is running the project in various hospitals that are at the front battling COVID-19 in Bangladesh. While strengthening resources and protection measures of hospitals, the project thus directly contributes towards making healthcare systems more equipped to fight the pandemic and save more lives.


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