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Bangladesh confirmed its first three positive cases of coronavirus on March 3, 2020. It has now been nearly 4.5 months since the lockdown was imposed which has already brought a majority of the country into food insecurity due to serious economic shock. There is seemingly no decline in test vs positive incidence of COVID-19 in the country putting our health sector to ultimate test. Against this backdrop, it indeed is a humanitarian crisis with a public health dimension in Bangladesh. And the impact is particularly taking its toll on the vulnerable population who already suffer the most due to lack of access to proper healthcare.


Spreeha’s healthcare program “Sneho” has been addressing the dynamic challenges of healthcare in Bangladesh for half a decade now while catering to the primary healthcare needs of communities. Led by an experienced team of medical professionals, our services offer a comprehensive set of diagnostic, consultancy and pharmacy facilities with no compromise on quality. We provide a range of essential healthcare services that includes, easy access to physician, safe medication, diagnostic test, pathology and pharmacy facilities ensuring quality and people-centered healthcare solution for all.

In the wake of the increasing health problems posed by COVID-19, our Healthcare Program has expanded its existing healthcare services/facilities under a project called “Fight Corona”. As part of the project, a number of interventions has been taken in order to make healthcare more accessible to urban slum communities in the time of this pandemic.

Intervention for COVID-19


People living in slum areas are particularly at high risk because of high population density and mobilization.   On top of that due to lack of funds, they often tend to avoid necessary healthcare and even a preventable illness takes the shape of life-threatening disease.

Addressing this issue, Spreeha has initiated to take its telemedicine service – an “Online Doctor Helpline portal” to their doorstep to bridge the gap between health need and access to care among underprivileged communities. Our community officers are going door to door and connecting people with doctors with a mobile device through which people are now able to access doctor consultation from the comfort of their home. Be it primary health counselling or for COVID-19 related advice, a pool of doctors are now available to provide any free consultation over phone round the clock.  One doctor assisted by two trained health workers help the individuals have an uninterrupted consultation session.


Considering the lack of access to information in Urban slum communities, a strong network of trained health workers is taking the latest Online Corona Screening solution developed by Government of Bangladesh to their doorsteps enabling them to stay informed. They are also connecting people with Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research “IEDCR” in cases of emergency and help the information be added to the national portal. In addition to that, temperature screening for flu like symptoms are also being conducted besides online screening.


Temperature Screening


Health Awareness


Myth Busters

B. BREAKING THE MYTH AND HEALTH AWARENESS Most slum dwellers in the capital are heavily unaware and have little or no knowledge about the deadly virus. Strikingly enough, many misbeliefs and myths still seem to be circulating among the people living in slum. In an attempt to increase health and hygiene awareness and bust the COVID-19 related myths, community officers are visiting households ensuring access to accurate information among the urban slum communities. Repeated awareness campaigns are being carried out from time to time to make as many people aware as possible of the importance of good hygiene practices. Good quality masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers are also being distributed among individuals while counselling them as to how they would keep themselves protected from the disease. In partnership with Shakib Al Hasan Foundation, Spreeha Bangladesh has been running this project in the urban slum areas of Rayerbazar since the beginning of the initiative. Supported by these three action points with prime focus on health, this project thus collectively meet the primary health needs of the underserved communities while fighting coronavirus in the best possible way.


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Sneho, or affection in English, is our healthcare program catering to the medical needs of communities.
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