Education For Children

Duronto, or the spirited soul, refers to all the children in our Education program.

Problem worth solving

Early childhood education plays an important role in a child’s holistic upbringing. The first few years of a child’s life are the most significant years for their cognitive, behavioral, physical and emotional development. But most parents in Bangladesh are unaware of this crucial fact as many of them have limited knowledge on the importance of early child care. The situation is exceptionally challenging for parents in urban slum communities who cannot afford to leave jobs and thus end up leaving their children unmonitored at home without proper childcare. Moreover, there are around 3.2 million women employed in urban ready-made garment factories who are forced to face such challenges in balancing responsibilities of employee and parent. Children are at most risk in these marginalized communities, where there is very little to no access to basic services. As a result, the development of the child, both cognitively and physically, is not ensured.

Our solution

Duronto, is a holistic solution designed to ensure quality education for children of underserved communities. Addressing the abovementioned issue, the project brings the learning centers to the doorstep of these young children so that they are not deprived of proper care while their parents are out – at work. From early childhood development to after-school support, the program offers a variety of education services keeping children at the center of learning. With the use of people centered learning method, the approach is equipped with interactive strategies to keep the activities both informative and fun for the children.

Duronto offers the following services
– Pre-school/early childhood development center
– After-school program
– Scholarships
– Education counselling

Our Early Childhood Development center offers pre-primary education for children of 3-5 years. It is an interactive learning space where children get to learn different social skills as well as many cognitive abilities that are essential for their childhood development and to help them transition smoothly into the mainstream primary schools. In addition to that, in our After-School program, adolescents get involved in different extra-curricular activities that are beneficial to increase their soft skills and academic enrichment. This program offers 4 types of clubs for them i.e. drawing club, cultural club, book reading club, kids’ club – which allows the adolescents to stay engaged and predominantly contributes to the prevention of school drop-out as a whole. Moreover, there are also scholarship opportunities for higher education, as well as education counselling support to promote literacy within the underserved communities.

In our attempt to inspire young minds, this program thus enables them to not only get exposed to the joys of learning, but also strengthen their foundation for lifelong success and come out of the vicious cycle of illiteracy.


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