Cyclone Amphan Response​

Super Cyclone Amphan has left behind a trail of destruction in the Bangladesh’s coastal areas. Among many areas, Satkhira’s Shyamnagar Upazilla is one of the hard hit one. People in the locality are passing their days with limited food, no access to safe drinking water, and with water surrounding their houses. A lot of infrastructure like schools, bridges, culverts, roads got severely damaged. One of Spreeha’s partner schools, Katthalbaria A.G. High School got swept away as a result of the super cyclone.

Spreeha addressed both immediate response and long term intervention to be taken in that area: 

Food and hygiene supply to people with need 

While the country is still battling with Corona Virus and trying hard to maintain necessary social distancing and personal hygiene, this cyclone left many families homeless and jobless in Shyamnagar. To battle the dual dilemma, special attention must be given to the safe food intake and hygiene need of the people in this locality. Otherwise, with air-borne diseases like COVID 19, water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera and other bacterial diseases might take a surge.  Spreeha’s food and hygiene pack includes basic foods like rice, lentils, oil, dry foods and soap.

School reconstruction

Spreeha has been raising funds to assist partner schools at Shymnagar in reconstruction so that the students can come back to a happy-school.

Ensure safe source of drinking water for five schools 

With cyclone or no cyclone, people from coastal area have to deal with scarce source of safe drinking water every day. With a long term effect in mind, Spreeha plans to install source of safe drinking water in five of our partner schools, which will eventually cater to a big part of the local community along with the students, teachers and school staff.  


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