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Our young people live in a heavily globalized fast-paced environment. In this rapid era of 21st century, transferable skills i.e as critical thinking, creativity, communication, problem-solving are key to accelerate in life and career. Every year, more than two million young people are entering the workforce in Bangladesh and many of them are finding it hard to fit in due to lack of such core skillsets. In light of this, there is now an increasing demand for the development of these skillsets among students to help them cope with the changes of a transient economy. However, structured & rigid ways of teaching still often persist in our education system leaving quite a little room for creativity or flexibility.

In an attempt to re-culture the existing school system, Connecting Classrooms in Bangladesh is a program by British Council designed to develop the 21st-century skillsets for students’ through improving teachers’ capacity that will allow the students to think critically, creatively and reflectively. The program offers a series of professional training involving, teaching critical thinking, problem-solving as well as leadership skills’ to school teachers and leaders. While emphasizing on core skills, the sessions assist educators find the best school practices and learn how to install new approaches in the existing curriculum. The trainings are intended to help teachers’ ensure teaching core skills in classroom so that the focus is more on techniques & skills and less on contents – in turn enhancing the quality of education in Bangladesh as a whole.

This program plays a vital role in not only developing the capabilities of young people but also creating an adaptive nature that will allow them to transition smoothly with the ever-evolving landscape of job sector.

Under its “Connecting Classrooms Phase 4” activity, Spreeha Bangladesh has been facilitating the training sessions across different districts in Bangladesh since the beginning of the project. We are proud to be part of such a knowledge-centric platform that contributes more to students’ learning while opening a door for them to become innovative thinkers.


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