Kusholi: Skills Training for Youth

Kusholi, or the skillful, is our program focused on equipping individuals with the skill sets necessary for the competitive job market. Its emphasis on the IT sector enables and accelerates careers.

Problem worth solving
There are currently 6.5 million people in Bangladesh still unemployed for insufficient training and inaccessible resources. With the nation’s transition from a heavily industrialized to a service based economy, individuals now require unique skill sets without which contributing as effective and competent members of the workforce is next to impossible. However, often times the necessary training to acquire the skills is scant and provided at too high a cost leaving millions deprived of opportunities.

Our solution
With half the nation’s Gross Domestic Product being generated in the service sector and rapid growth in Information Technology, there is now demand for a specialized  and trained workforce.  Kusholi provides specialized training for individuals deprived of such access, thus enabling and accelerating their career paths. With emphasis on the use of technology, the program offers quality courses teaching the use of computers, software and knowledge on marketing at very affordable rates.

Kusholi not only benefits the unemployed worker in need of skills but also helps make those already contributing to the economy more efficient, able and thus productive.

Kusholi services
– Computer training courses
– Computer lab facilities
– Basic computing certification
– Graphic design courses
– Knowledge on use of hardware and software
– Marketing support