Journey of Hope: Breaking the Poverty Cycle

The Journey of Hope project, funded by Spreeha Foundation (USA), a voluntary organization based in Seattle, aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing healthcare, education and skills training to underprivileged individuals in the Rayer Bazar Community of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In partnership with Spreeha Bangladesh since the year of 2013, the project uses a holistic approach to ending poverty and has successfully been able to impact 49,705 lives as of May, 2017.

Journey of Hope provides the following services:

– Access to physicians, medication, and education to improve general health
– Prenatal and postnatal care services
– Immunization and child health education programs
– Special health programs (i.e. eye clinic, birth registration)
– Family planning services
– Pharmacy and pathology services

– Pre-school programs for children ages 3-5 years
– After-school tutorial support for children of age 6+ years
– Special programs and study tours to help scholastic advancement

Skills Training
– Adolescent girls’ clubs to educate them on their rights and develop leadership skill
– Provide skills training and marketing support