Imagination is Power

For a period of two years starting from 2014, Graphic People partnered with Spreeha Bangladesh to launch the “Imagination is Power” project, a CSR initiative to empower urban slum children via expression through art and crafts, music, photography and graphic designing. The children learnt how to think out of the box and go beyond boundaries of innovation using their very imaginations to implement various empowerment projects.

“Children have the power to imagine without any reservations, but can they always realize this gift? Living in urban slums is not easy and often deprives the children of the true essence of a lively and free-spirited childhood. We at GraphicPeople feel it is important to be an integral part of the local communities where we live and work and our group of exceptional talents have taken on a goal to channel their skills, hobbies and passions into positive outreach initiatives within the community.”            -Graphic People

As part of the project, an exhibition “Saving Water” was arranged to spread awareness on proper use of water.  Hand drawn posters, paintings, poetry and photographs produced by the students at Spreeha produced over one semester were showcased to promote water conservation and healthy living for people in the urban slum community of Rayer Bazar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project had three objectives – to increase awareness, knowledge and practice. By creating awareness, educating the youth and providing tools for practicing behaviors, slum dwellers learnt how to use water effectively and lead a healthy life.

The “Imagination is power” project overall  worked with innovation and creativity to bring about effective change. Diligent volunteers first assessed the community, their needs and interests. Based on feedback received from both the parents and children of the community, the classes were designed with fun and interactive sessions equipping the children with various skills.


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Spreeha Bangladesh

Spreeha Bangladesh inspires change by empowering people. With use of creative solutions, Spreeha enables individuals and communities to rise above social barriers. Spreeha envisions a world where people and communities are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation is a Bangladesh based non-profit established in 2012, and was registered under the Trust Act II of 1882, in 2014. It is also registered under NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. 2957) in 2015 for receiving foreign donations and grants.


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