Artful is a wellness program facilitated by the use of art, innovation and creative expression to promote positive and healthy living. Artful’s activities cater to individuals and are designed to uplift and inspire them to reach the best of their potential.

Problem Worth Solving
Being surrounded by heightened levels of stressful activity and the fast-paced life in a poorly planned urban environment, individuals find themselves more easily inclined to negativity and demotivation. With a lack of recreation and creative spaces, most experience feelings of inadequacy and are unable to find healthy ways to have an emotional outlet. Often times, the negativity may lead to deviance such as drug abuse, violence, engagement with harmful peers and so on.

Our Solution
Spreeha’s Artful allows individuals to enhance positivity and fulfillment while building necessary skills through art, expression and creativity. With use of innovative workshops, courses and events designed for wellness, Artful offers a healthy and effective emotional outlet.


Lab Services
AmarLab provides at home lab services catering to patients who face difficulty travelling to and from healthcare facilities.
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Babu Barta

Book for Pregnant
and New Mothers
Babu Barta, the very first book for pregnant and new mothers in Bangla is designed to cater especially to low-income communities.
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Imagination is Power

Empowering Urban
Slum Children
Imagination is Power, a CSR initiative to empower urban slum children via expression through art and crafts, music, photography and graphic designing.
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Spreeha Bangladesh

Spreeha Bangladesh inspires change by empowering people. With use of creative solutions, Spreeha enables individuals and communities to rise above social barriers. Spreeha envisions a world where people and communities are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation is a Bangladesh based non-profit established in 2012, and was registered under the Trust Act II of 1882, in 2014. It is also registered under NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. 2957) in 2015 for receiving foreign donations and grants.


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