Aalo: Emergency Disaster Response

Aalo, meaning ‘light’ in English, is Spreeha’s emergency disaster response program. Under the Aalo program, currently Spreeha is working to rebuild the lives of the Rohingya refugees. The program includes provision of healthcare, education, relief materials, and counselling in the refugee camps situated in Bangladesh. Spreeha’s development centers cater to the vulnerable community and provide a space for nurture and healing.

Healthcare for all
– Health care centers built in camps
– Access to physicians and medication
– Maternal and child healthcare
– Primary health care
– Health education and disease prevention
– Sanitation and hygiene awareness

Education for children & adolescents
– Education centers for children and adolescents in camps
– Early childhood development program

Counselling for communities
– Health education
– Moms’ clubs
– Family planning counselling
– Malnutrition prevention
– Education counselling

Emergency Relief Support
– Building materials for shelters
– Health and hygiene materials
– Energy-efficient cooking stoves
– Drinking water
– Mosquito net
– Solar lights