Luna wants to make periods easy, comfortable and safe for women.

Luna believes no women should be uncomfortable in her own skin, nor should they live in shame to access her basic needs. Bringing women’s hush-hush conversations to a broader platform, Luna is an online space where girls can easily access sanitary pads, menstrual hygiene wear and critical information she needs to be sexually safe, reproductively healthy and emotionally empowered. Introducing effective disposal options, the Luna bag brings a unique solution aimed to help women dispose pads at home and outside.

Problem worth solving
45 million girls in Bangladesh live in shame every month due to the stigma against menstruation. This stigma contributes to the inability for a woman to purchase her own sanitary products in store and leads     to poor reproductive health and inappropriate disposal.

Women, in urban or rural are not aware of the critical information they need to be reproductively safe. There is a missing space where women can collectively get the information they are ashamed to ask!

Because everyone’s period is different. One fit to rule them all, doesn’t work when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Every day is different. The availability of different menstruation flow friendly products, customized to fit the needs of an individual is vital during her menstruation.

Easy disposal of products, whether you are at home or on the go, creates a hassle every month for women!

The dialogue about sexual reproductive health is marginal for women, especially regarding their menstrual health, treated as shameful and wrong. In order to achieve gender quality we have to start the conversation that women can do the same things as a man while bleeding!

Backed by our expert health consultants and designed by our team of innovators, Luna aims to make women empowered though the power of access, to her products and needs.

Let’s start the movement, let’s end the shame.