What does Spreeha do?

Spreeha Bangladesh inspires change by empowering people. With use of creative solutions, Spreeha enables individuals and communities to rise above social barriers. Spreeha envisions a world where people and communities are empowered to achieve their full potential.

The Million Smiles Dream

Using innovation and creativity to devise solutions for change, we strive to extend our reach to as many individuals and communities as possible. Spreeha aspires to bring change to a million lives by 2020!

Our impact

As of May 2017, Spreeha has empowered 1,12,706 lives: 46,122 people received healthcare; 3,187 children were educated; 1,027 youth got trained; and 62,370 individuals received counselling.


Artful goes to Zanala Bangladesh!

Artful, Spreeha’s wellness program, visits ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. for a corporate training session to enhance employee motivation through the beauty of art! The intensive Workshop by Artful engaged Zanala employees in different creative exercises to help them reflect on self-definition, inner emotions and seek out the positive perspective on life. The ending came with smiles as each …

Art with a cause!

Our executives took part in an extensive workshop designed by Artful, Spreeha’s mental wellness program which uses art as a means of relief and expression. Promoting positive and healthy living, Artful’s innovative activities cater to young individuals and are designed to uplift and inspire them to reach the best of their potential. The participants were able …

Million Smiles Club

Spreeha believes in partnership and collaboration to make effective change in communities. Join the Million Smiles Club and embark on the journey to inspire a million lives.
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